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Slackware 13.1 - bchunk : BinChunker for Unix / Linux (with epkg)

binchunker converts a CD image in a ".bin / .cue" format (sometimes ".raw / .cue") to a set of .iso and .cdr tracks.

Public domain


cd /usr/src/
wget -c ""
su - install
cd /usr/src/
tar xf bchunk-1.2.0.tar.gz
cd bchunk-1.2.0
mkdir -p /usr/local/encap/bchunk-1.2.0/usr/bin
mkdir -p /usr/local/encap/bchunk-1.2.0/usr/man/man1
install -m 755 -s bchunk /usr/local/encap/bchunk-1.2.0/usr/bin
install -m 644 bchunk.1 /usr/local/encap/bchunk-1.2.0/usr/man/man1
cd /usr/local/encap/
chown -R root:root bchunk-1.2.0
mkencap bchunk-1.2.0
epkg bchunk-1.2.0


-v  Verbose mode
-r  Raw mode for MODE2/2352: write all 2352 bytes from offset 0 (VCD/MPEG)
-p  PSX mode for MODE2/2352: write 2336 bytes from offset 24
    (default MODE2/2352 mode writes 2048 bytes from offset 24)
-w  Output audio files in WAV format
-s  swabaudio: swap byte order in audio tracks


bchunk -r file.bin file.cue outfile


BY: Pejman Moghadam
TAG: bchunk, cue, vcd, epkg
DATE: 2012-08-16 01:17:09

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